Hello and welcome to my website of my psychotherapy clinic in Prague.

Each of us from time to time experience difficult periods and each of us try to make the best to handle these difficulties. Sometimes, however, it come the complicated life situation, which gradually reveals that despite our best efforts, is unable to fully cope with. At this point it may be very important to talk about this situation with someone who is impartial, who listen to us and maybe to show us other ways how to handle this crucial life situation. This may be done through a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Decision to seek expert assistance is usually preceded by various periods of uncertainty and hesitation. On the other hand, knowing that someone can share our difficult situations, that there is someone here who can help us discover our own inner resources that allow us to manage the situation, may be very important.

In my cozy psychotherapy clinic I offer psychological counselling for individuals and also help for couples, who have decided to seek solutions with coping difficult life situations with the assistance of a professional. In my work I consider essential to evoke an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. I offer discreet and secure environment and complete confidentiality.

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