About me

I have graduated from the Faculty of Arts, study programme psychology (clinical specialization SZZK) in the year 2004. Then I got into the internal doctoral program, which I have ended in the year 2009.

Since the year 2005 I have worked as a psychologist in the Children’s Center, FTNsP, (formerly the Infant Institute), where I diagnose children (0-6 years) and take great therapeutic care to children and their parents.

In the year 2001 I have completed a self-experienced training in the Art therapy led by artist Kamila Ženatá. At the same time I have finished training in crisis intervention over the telephone on Safety Line, where I have worked in 2001-2003 as an independent consultant. Furthermore, I have graduated from the internal training of the White Circle of Safety, where I have worked since the year 2005 as an independent consultant-psychologist.

In the year 2006 I have completed the accredited five-year training in group psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
In the same year I have started running a private psychotherapy practice and I have leading self-experience management courses (for more info, see Seminary).

I also work as an external collaborator of the Department of Psychology Charles University, Prague (lecturing).

I furthermore develop my professional skills through regular individual supervisions.

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